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Sunday 21 February 2010

Spanish Civil War

The Spanish Civil War is my new project for 2010. Of course like any wargamer this doesn't mean I have finished my current projects! Peter the Great's Russians are done. The Salonika campaign is making good progress but still need some strengthening of the Central Powers - mostly Bulgarians and Austrians. I also intend to add a British army to the Napoleon in Egypt - but perhaps that counts as a new project!

Anyway, why the Spanish Civil War? I have always been fascinated by this prelude to WW2 and in particular the British volunteers in the International Brigades. I have had the honour to meet a few of them and hear their stories. 35,000 volunteers from all over the world volunteered to fight fascism, more proportionally from Scotland, hence my direct interest.

My interest was rekindled last year by Daniel Gray's book Homage to Caledonia that tells the story of many of those Scottish volunteers. Not really a military history, it instead gives the political and social context that is essential for any understanding of this particular conflict. I have just finished reading Franco's International Brigades by Christopher Othen that tells the story of the support the Fascist dictators gave Franco, together with the proportionally smaller numbers of overseas volunteers and of course the Moors.

A couple of years ago I picked up some units for both sides in 15mm at a bring and buy - mostly Peter Pig I think. These will form the starter force of the project. Next stop is some armour and aircraft and more International Brigade figures. Watch this space.

22nd Battalion of the International Brigade


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