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Sunday 28 August 2011

Rif Raf: 28mm Greeks

I have been working my way through some review packs of David Burns new range of figures for the Greek army of WW2 in 28mm. And very nice they are too. In fact too nice as the last thing I want is another scale for this conflict!

These are well proportioned figures, perhaps slightly smaller than some ranges, but will fit in. There were two types of helmet in general use, the British Mk1 pattern that was gradually being replaced by a model similar to the Italian helmet. This range has gone for the latter. The right decision in my view because the Greek army uniform was similar to the British, so other types can be represented by British ranges, at least in the smaller scales. 

Some examples from the range below. Painted examples are on the Rif Raf site done by David himself. They really do look the part. Highly recommended.


  1. Nice looking figures for a different part of the war. Interesting stuff indeed.

  2. very nice ! But ... How did you get them ? You know ... I am from Greece !

  3. Hi . I am again . Where and how can I buy them !?

  4. And when I say me ( I ) I mean the Greek !