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Sunday 15 January 2012

1812: Alternative history

This weekend was was our annual Double Header at GDWS. An opportunity to play big games that take too long to fit into the normal Sunday afternoon session.

My contribution was an alternative 1812 scenario as this is the 200th anniversary of Napoleon's invasion of Russia. As Napoleon started his advance the allies put together a coalition of British, Ottoman and Russian troops that advanced through the Balkans into the Ukraine to threaten Napoleons right flank.

The rules were Principles of War Napoleonic in 15mm. The allied force consisted of an Ottoman 'Corps' of 2 horse and 3 foot commands; A British Corps of 3 Infantry and 2 cavalry divisions; and a Russian Corps of the same size. Plus an advance guard of Tartars. Napoleon sent a blocking force of the Austrian detached Corps; a Saxon and a Polish corps together with a cavalry corps.

It will be obvious that these armies are strong in cavalry. That was intentional, as the plan was to force a major cavalry battle on the Saturday with the infantry arriving on the Sunday. It all worked out to plan with a huge swirling cavalry clash, narrowly won by the Allies. However, the infantry couldn't exploit the victory on Sunday with the 'French' hanging on, blocking the exits to Napoleon's line of march.  

Really fun game with lots of interest through some 13 hours of gaming.

Other games organised during the weekend included Sudan in 28mm, Eastern Front WW2 in 20mm, Boer War in 6mm and a FoG competition in the Biblical period.


  1. All i can say it was very hard going for a new gamer haha. I still enjoyed it though and look forward to more.

  2. Yep, the retreat from Moscow was easy going after 13 hours!