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Saturday 25 February 2012

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler

I know books are not good for me. Good historical fiction is really bad for me.

I enjoyed Andy Johnson's book Seelowe Nord so much that I just had to wargame it. A German invasion of Yorkshire in 1940. I have regular British troops in 15mm, but a key role in the book was played by a Home Guard platoon.

So off to Peter Pig who have all you will need in metal. A quick paint job and there we have a Yorkshire version of Mr Mannering and this merry band. These are based and organised for Flames of War. I used the Lines of Communication platoon data from the Blitzkrieg supplement.

Next I will need some Germans. Why did I sell of my last 15mm Germans? I have decided on a Gebirgsjager company. As some one who has puffed and panted my way up a fair few Scottish mountains I have nothing but respect for mountain troops who had to do it with equipment, in all weathers and without the benefit of modern walking gear. 

Lots of metal ordered for what will become one of my key projects for the year. Watch this space - eventually!

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