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Saturday 17 March 2012

Albanich 2012

First Scottish wargames show of the year today in Dumfries - Albanich. Small show but well supported by some good traders and some very good display games.

Glasgow & District Wargames Society took our Very British Civil War display game, 'We are not amused'. The Duchess of Argyll is shipping arms to the BUF and are intercepted by the Clydeside Brigade. Scottish Government forces intervene to ensure neither side gets their hand on the weapons. The battle was fought along a shallow river (Last Valley) and through the village. The Clydeside Brigade eventually fought their way across the river but not in sufficient numbers to exploit their victory.

A good day out and as always good to meet other clubs and pick up some supplies. In my case plenty of bases from the excellent Warbases, some scenery from Last Valley and some German tanks for Flames of War. I resisted some lovely Aventine Elephants, for now at least!

The Duchess own unit and BUF platoon defend the village

Another VBCW game from Dumfries

Impressive Dublin uprising game

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