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Monday 10 September 2012

Byzantine Imperial Guardsman 925-1025

Byzantine Imperial Guardsmen, 925-1025: The Taghmata and Imperial Guard

This is the latest Osprey Elite (No.187) on Byzantine Imperial Guardsman 925-1025.

It covers the units of the Taghmata and Imperial Guard of the period. Most people think of the gradual decline of the Empire, but in fact this period was one of considerable success. It overcame Bulgarian and Rus invasions through the Balkans and Islamic enemies from the East. By Basil II's death in 1025, what we call the Byzantine Empire, ruled from the Danube to the Euphrates. They would have called themselves Romans or Rhomaioi.

The regiments of the Taghmata were an important part of that success. Raffaele D'Amato takes us through the organisation of each unit and how they were commanded. This is followed by a chapter on weapons and equipment. As you would expect there are excellent colour plates and the book includes many photos.

Must have for anyone interested in the Byzantine army.

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  1. Looks to another good title from Osprey. Definitely pick this one up soon.