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Sunday 3 November 2013

Muskets and Tomahawks

I played my first game of Muskets and Tomahawks today at the club. A dry run for the club display game at the Targe show next weekend at Kirriemuir.

For those not familiar with these rules they are for skirmish games in the French Indian Wars or the AWI period. Each side has a number of small 6 to 10 figure units with officers that are useful for morale purposes. Activation is by cards for different types of unit together with event cards that add the unexpected, without dominating the game. Shooting and combat is a simple D6 system and the rules are quickly picked up after a couple of turns.

While I have no intention of returning to this period, I can see an option to use them on the Military Border in Croatia during the 18th Century. The small war skirmishing was very similar with irregulars supported by regular troops based in the main garrisons. It will probably need different cards but otherwise looks like an interesting option.

Here are a few photies of the game today as a taster for those attending Targe. Sadly not me as work intervenes.

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