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Monday 14 July 2014

Bolt Action: Malaya 1942

Got some of my latest additions for the Malaya 1942 project onto the tabletop today using Bolt Action rules.

I think these are a great set of rules, but I often forget key points because they are in different chapters. So I have produced a full turn sequence, quick reference sheet to help me. I have put a copy on my Balkan Military History web site, in case it's of any use to others.

Back to the action with a classic Malaya scenario. A delaying action on the main road down the peninsular. Two sections of British infantry supported by a 2pdr, HMG and mortar hold a position in a village. The Japanese move down the road with a tank and then try and outflank the position through the jungle. My new 2pdr got off to a good start with a direct hit on the tank with its first shot and it blew up. The British right flank held up but the left didn't and so the Brits tramped off back down the road to Singapore.

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