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Saturday 16 August 2014

Bolt Action - Serbian Army of WW1

A century ago, to this day, Austro-Hungarian troops reached the foothills of Mount Cer in western Serbia. In a four day battle they were heavily defeated and retreated back over the border into Bosnia. There is some video footage and a photo of the battlefield memorial here.

The Serbian Army of the early war period was the battle hardened force that had been victorious in the Balkan wars only two years earlier. However, there had been only limited requipment and they were heavily outnumbered. I have prepared a basic army list for Bolt Action rules.

The 28mm figures below are mostly from the Tiger Miniatures with some from the Old Glory range and represent the First Ban divisions that had the best equipment. Other troops had outdated rifles and few even had the full uniform. Yes they did favour a moustache!

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  1. Hey, they look really nice!
    I found your army while i was searching for WW1 serbians in 28mm. Well, i couln't find too many armies... maybe yours is the only one?! :)