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Monday 9 March 2015

More filling in projects

Not much time for painting at present, but I have managed a couple of filling in projects.

I picked up this Empress Spanish Civil War command group at York. They will be replacement standard bearers for some of my VBCW figures who will be transported to Spain for our demo game at Carronade in May. No Pasaran!

My Bolt Action Germans are mostly Early to Mid War and are a bit under gunned against late war opponents. There must be more paras and fallschirmjagers on the tabletop than there ever where in one to one scale!

I picked up this '28mm' die cast model on eBay and have given it a new paint job. This is the first time I have used the Plastic Soldier dirty brown weathering spray I also picked up at York. Not sure about this, I think I prefer the control a paint brush gives me, but it will do for now.


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