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Sunday 10 May 2015

Carronade 2015

Another very good show from the Falkirk club on Saturday. The school is a good, spacious venue, with reasonably priced catering and car parking.

Running a display game with a regular stream of engaging visitors meant I didn't get to spend much time looking around and spent even less. At least my lead pile isn't too much bigger. None the less there was a good turnout of traders and I hope they did well. It seemed busy at least.

GDWS had two display games. Iain and I did a Spanish Civil War game, 'There's a Valley in Spain called Jarama' using Bolt Action in 28mm. The figures are mostly Empress and the much admired village buildings are from the Grand Manner range. The Nationalists broke into the village by packing up time, so it wasn't quite 'No Pasaran' this time.


The other GDWS display game was a Dystopian Wars game, Assault on Gibraltar.

And here are a few more games that caught my eye.

Starting with Alexander on the Hydaspes. Yes, that is a sand table, with a bit of flock.

Medieval with actual toy soldiers.

Far East Bolt Action game. I'm not a big fan of MDF buildings, although it does work here in wooden Far East buildings, particularly with the chads added to the roofs.

Waterloo of course.
The Durham boys with their 54mm Napoleonics, always worth a look.
Wars of the Roses. 1st Battle of St Albans
Glasgow Phoenix medievals using Lion Rampant rules on one of the new Cigar Box mats
Very nice terrain for this Sudan game
Wings of War - WW2 this time.
Vietnam in 28mm. Seen this before but I love the Phantom.



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  1. Thnaks for posting, Dave. I didn't get the chance to take photos of the other games, so it's good that somebody else did.