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Sunday 21 February 2016

Scottish Battlefields Trust Wargames Day

The Scottish Battlefields Trust held its first wargames day this weekend in Prestonpans.

The venue was the Gothenburg pub in the town. It has a decent size function room that accommodated six games from clubs across Scotland and a small number of traders. The pub has a lot of character with paintings reflecting the military history of the area. It's own micro brewery and good food is an important added extra!

This created a small show of the sort many of us can remember in the past, a very different experience from the big events that dominate the show calendar in Scotland and the rest of the U.K today. Time to chat to the visitors, traders and other gamers in a pleasant setting.

Prestonpans has the added attraction of the 1745 battlefield that the local trust has done a lot to highlight with information boards and a new viewpoint.

The GDWS display game was Flodden 1513. A first outing for Scott's stunning 10mm armies for the battle, mostly Pendraken figures - we used Pike and Shotte rules. And a first outing for our new club banner. The outcome was a reversal of history with the Scots pikes trampling all before them.


The main Scots Division with James IV.

Another Scots Division ready to advance once the artillery has softened up the English position.

The English archers and billmen wait behind the Muddy Moss.

And the other games....

Lion Rampant from SESWC.

Claymore Castings doing the ECW

An earlier Jacobite uprising from League of Augsburg.


Border Reivers by the Falkirk club.

And finally Jacobite skirmish including the re-enactors in full uniform.


A good day was had by all, well worth the journey.



  1. Thanks for posting - would love to have been there. How many punters turned up?

    1. I would have said about 60. Not bad given the venue is a bit out of the way, particularly for those in the west. Well worth the effort though.

  2. Sorry I did not say hello - it was a good day and demonstrates that small can be beautiful