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Thursday 14 April 2016

Viva Villa!

The Pancho Villa project has got off the starting blocks. Well the first two units painted at least!

The plan is to paint up two armies in 28mm (Villistas and Federales), suitable for Bolt Action. At present that is looking like at least 3 infantry squads, a cavalry squad, artillery and HMGs for each side - although it will probably grow! I'll need a target, so we are going to do this as the GDWS participation game at the Claymore show in August. That should be plenty of time - he says boldly!

After much internet research, I also have a railroad van that, with a bit of conversion, should do as a game objective. Also a model of a Wright biplane - the Villistas converted 75mm shells for rudimentary bombing runs. I suspect we will need some house rules for this one!

Below are the first two units. On the left we have a dismounted squad of Pancho Villa's elite unit (don't wargamers always paint elite units first!), the 'Golden Ones'. They wore a distinctive olive green uniform, so at least they will be easy to spot on the tabletop. On the right we have some Federales, in the later khaki uniform.

These are from the Old Glory range. The sculpts are a bit basic, but there is nothing intricate about these troops. A block paint job, followed by an ink wash, gives a suitably grubby appearance. I also have some slightly larger and chunkier Outpost figures that will need to populate different units.

I'm off to Salute on Saturday, so I am hoping to pick up some more suitable figures for irregular units. Really looking forward to this one. I get a bit more time at the show because Fulham are playing the night before in Brighton. Possibly the furthest away game a Scottish based Fulham could possibly travel. I'm not as confident of a result on Friday as I am on Saturday!

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  1. Nice looking figures...interestin railroad van to come!