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Tuesday 25 October 2016

That pile of lead

My painting has fallen behind of late. All of the usual excuses, but also I do better when I have a target like a show. My next big project is going to be 1848 Hungarian revolution, but the new figures are coming out slowly and I need something to get me back into the groove. 

So, I turned to the that huge box that every wargamer has. You know the one. Full of those half projects you never started, or finished. The odd figure you picked up at a show, thinking, 'that will come in useful', but it never does!

The first figures from this particular project have come off the painting baton. 

First up, some figures for my Game of Thrones project. A couple of Perry's late medieval's as standard bearers for historical units that can be used in a GoT setting. Plus this year's Salute give away.

On the subject of Salute giveaways. My Dragon Rampant goblins lacked a commander. Low and behold the box surrendered a goblin king figure. Just the job!

And finally, while I have only dabbled with Frostgrave, the figures are really nice. I can use this wizard and apprentice for Open Combat.

Now, what else is in the box, or in my case, many boxes!


  1. Nice minis, love the medieval standard bearers...

  2. Thanks, I omitted to say the standards are from the Flags of War fantasy range.