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Monday 9 October 2017

WW2 Senegalese Tirailleurs

My painting schedule has slipped considerably in recent weeks, but I have at least made a start with the French army for the early WW2 campaigns.

The first unit are Senegalese Tirailleurs. These were colonial infantry, initially recruited from Senegal, French West Africa and then throughout the French colonies in Western, Central and Eastern Africa.

There were five regiments of Senegalese Tirailleurs stationed in France at the outbreak of war. The 2e division colonial senegalese was deployed permanently in the south of France.

Senegalese and other African tirailleur units served with distinction at Gien, Bourges and Buzancais during the axis invasion. German troops indoctrinated with Nazi racial doctrines expressed outrage at having to fight against "inferior" opponents and at Montluzin Senegalese prisoners were executed.

Surprisingly for WW2 units, there is some confusion over the exact shade of khaki for French uniforms. I tried the Flames of War guide colours as they helpfully give Vallejo codes, but it was far too light. So after looking at the advice on the forums, I settled for British uniform mixed with some brown. The tirailleurs have the distinctive Coupe-Coupe, a heavy bladed knife.

The figures are 28mm from the Warlord range.