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Wednesday 10 June 2020

Oathmark Dwarves

One of my favourite fantasy races is the dwarves - probably a Hobbit thing as at 6'-2" tall there is no obvious affinity!

However, this isn't reflected in my modest collection of fantasy figures, which rest on some very Oldhammer Bugman's dwarves from the old Citadel range. This means my Oathmark dwarf kingdom is looking decidedly underpopulated.

Looking at the various ranges on offer, I plumped for the 'Dark Age' dwarf spearmen from Conquerer models, as they looked suitably rank and file and in keeping with the Oathmark setting. They aren't quite as barrel-chested as most fantasy dwarves, but the sculpts are nice. The one major irritation is the shields. They have a lug in the shield, but no corresponding piece on the arms. With little contact, superglue struggled and I reverted to epoxy resin. We will see how they survive with play.

Next, they need a home. My wife bought me a very nice model for my birthday made by the German firm Noch. This is a hard foam model, so very light and comes primed. This means just a bit of dry brushing is required. Very pleased with this and who needs socks anyway in lockdown!

So, let battle commence. The latest action from the Oathmark lands involves a punitive raid by Eastmark (Normans) and Holdfast (Dwarf) alliance on the Orcs and Goblins of Malumter. A 1500pt Oathmark game.

Bugman's dwarves, despite their age, did well against two units on the right flank.

The left flank didn't do so well and the alliance General was surrounded and killed. Time to beat a hasty retreat home.

It was a close-fought game, as you can see from the depleted bases, and the rules work well. I haven't tried the advanced rules yet, or magic. That is for another day.

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