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Saturday 22 April 2023

Salute 2023

 Salute is the UK's largest wargames show, held at the Excel Centre in London Docklands. Essentially a vast hangar packed with games and traders. I had to come down to London for work, so a trip to the show fitted in well, along with some research in the National Archives and the British Library. The long queue when I arrived was managed well, and we were inside in no time. I also got to stay all day for the first time.

I was restrained in my purchases because I came down by train. Restraint is challenging when just about every wargame company is there, including several you won't see anywhere else. Over 130 in total. However, I picked up the WW1 air warfare game 'Wings of War' that I had been after for some time. Plus, some Korean War scenario booklets for my next project and a few 1/200 aircraft. Oh, and I joined the throng for What a Cowboy, even though I have no figures and am not a big Western fan. But, I can adapt it for the Russo-Ottoman war!

Nice to see my new book on sale at the Helion stall. I even signed a couple.

The extensive trade offerings are not at the expense of games. They came in all sizes, from small-scale taster participation games to big display games. About 90 in all. Here are the ones that caught my eye.

First up was Austerlitz. Not quite as I imagined it, but well done.

An Italian Wars Billhooks game. The ships and castles were excellent. 

Indian mutiny or rebellion, as you prefer.

What a Cowboy! Lots of takers for this.

The 2mm madness that is Strength and Honour. The Punic Wars very nearly tempted me.
London Bridge on Ice was a popular participation game.

This is a fantasy setting called Angaral.

Loved this game. Putin's Z men stopped by the Ukrainian tractors. And the sunken Moskva.

Grand Zulu game. I was definitely stopping this side of the river!

Inchon landings in Korea in 10mm. I'm sold.

The Wolverhampton University War Studies Department did this ACW naval action. Mobile Bay.

A fabulous Mordheim setting, which deservedly won the best scenery.

Finnish War, Battle of Oravais 1808.

Battle of Domstadal 1758 with old school flats.

And last but not least, the Battle of Ipsus used To the Strongest. It won the best 28mm game.

The traders I spoke to were reasonably happy, and the numbers looked as if they were back to pre-pandemic levels. The games were indeed busy. The other events in the same venue were the pre-London Marathon event and a show for property developers. Wargamers look a bit incongruous next to the super fit and super rich! 


  1. Some great photos. Too busy for me but looked like a good day out.

    1. Because of the size of the hall its less busy than you might think. Other than a few stalls and games there was plenty of room.

  2. Thanks for putting the pictures up- looks like there were some interesting games there. I really must make the trip down there one year....



  3. Nice review. The games look great (nice pics). The show certainly sounds HUUUGGE - with plenty of traders and lots of games too.
    The drawback is really just that London is a fair distance to travel and Partizan (at Newark) is only 4 weeks away. I’ll be saving my ££’s.

    1. It is unique and back to its best. I'm hoping to get to Partisan this year, as I have never been and enjoyed Hammerhead. I am down south anyway playing golf with some pals.