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Tuesday 17 October 2023

Napoleonic Austrians

I have completed my Austrian Napoleonic project in 28mm, the final piece in the jigsaw of units to refight the battles I describe in my book, The Frontier Sea

The Austrians were a bit of a nuisance as they had several uniform changes during the Napoleonic wars. I have the earlier uniforms in 15mm, so for this project, I went for the post-1809 uniforms. Essentially a shako instead of the distinctive helmet.

This is a force for the small scale actions I describe in the book, for which my preferred set of rules is Rebels and Patriots. So the starting point is two units of line infantry.

The most common units on the border with the Ottomans were the Grenzer.

The Austrian Jagers with my favourite corsehut hat.

Of course every army needs a general, even if a General Staff officer is a bit much for this modest force! And a six-pounder gun, heavy enough for some punch but light enough to get over the very poor roads.

And finally, although not Austrian, the Ragusa scenarios in the book need Ragusan militia.

The militia are adapted from the new Perry Ottoman irregulars. The line infantry are Front Rank, recycled by Colonel Bill. I think the rest are Perry Miniatures. There wasn't much cavalry in Dalmatia as it is not really cavalry country. However, I might add a small Hussar units at a later date.

For uniform details, I would recommend Philip Haythornthwaite's three volume series of Osprey MAA. Supplemented by David Hollins' Osprey books on the infantry and artillery.

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