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Sunday 3 December 2023

Lancashire Infantry Museum

On Saturday, I was heading south to Liverpool for the footie at Anfield on Sunday. My original plan was to walk in the Lake District, but the weather changed. Fell walking in snow and sleet is no fun! Looking for an alternative, I realised I had never visited the regimental museum of the Lancashire Regiments, based in Preston. The museum is on an army base (Fulwood Barracks), so you must book in advance, with the usual security checks.

This small museum covers the many regiments that finally merged into the current Duke of Lancaster's Regiment. From the late 17th century, these regiments fought in just about every conflict the British army was involved in. The barracks is a listed building and interesting in its own right. A member of staff/volunteer takes visitors around. Mine was very knowledgeable and helpful in tracking down my questions about the Balkan links. 

Pride of place in the museum goes to the Eagle captured at Salamanca, along with a fine collection of Napoleonic memorabilia. 

 They have a few items from the Seven Years War and a good collection of Crimean War exhibits.

All the Lancashire regiments sent a battalion to Macedonia in WW1. They also landed at Gallipoli, where a beach is named after them. The museum also has a WW1 German HMG and the first German anti-tank rifle. You could get a severe shoulder injury firing this beast.

You can also access the regimental chapel from the museum.

The tour takes about an hour, and the barracks are only a short detour off the M6. Well worth a look. 

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  1. Plenty of interesting stuff to see in the museum then 👍
    The football sounds like it was a thriller (I’ll be watching Match of the Day 2 later).