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Friday 1 March 2024

Roman Legion Exhibition

 I am in London this week working in the Greenwich and Kew archives on the Ambuscade book. While here, I didn't want to miss the British Museum's special exhibition, Legion, which brings together exhibits on the Roman army worldwide. They tell the story through one recruit into the auxiliaries, although I could have done it without the commentary boards of rats dressed up as Romans. I assume this was to keep the kids interested, but it was pretty silly.

The first exhibit that caught my eye was a scary bust of Augustus.

The equipment exhibits were excellent, including the only surviving legionary shield. Lots of helmets and swords and cataphract armour.

The display captions were informative and well-organised, with various stone friezes illustrating different ranks and roles.

Our recruit reached the end of his 25-year term; only 50% did, and he got his bonus and citizenship. 

There is a lovely book to go with the exhibition, if too detailed and pricey. They always overdo the exhibition publication when an Osprey-size booklet would be more sensible. I passed on the book but was very tempted by the centurion's helmet. My daughter was more impressed by the ducks!

If you are in London, it is well worth a visit. And, of course, the British Museum has a wealth of treasures, even if some of them would be better placed elsewhere! 

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  1. Thanks for the informative review. I doubt I’ll attend the exhibition, but it was good to hear your thoughts about it.