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Sunday 6 June 2010


Played my first game of the new edition of Warhammer Ancient Battles rules today. Played a new member at our club by dusting down my Seleucids to play against his army of Alexander - essentially lots of pike and light infantry.

Lots of opinions out there on the forums so here is mine.

The production quality is good, plenty of eye candy and a decent (if not perfect) attempt at a reference section. Price is a bit steep, but not too high for the size and quality. What is not acceptable is poor editing and proof reading. From a professional company charging commercial prices, this is really very poor.

As the intro says this is evolution not revolution. The rules are not radically changed, so it is simply a matter of getting used to the changes. Most of the ones we came across seem sensible. The 1" proximity rule, open order and skirmishers and the restrictions on marches felt right. Fleeing towards the table edge again seems right as is counterchargers moving forwards. The new flanks are fine, but needs some clarification if this is the same for shooting - important today with the Phalanx rule.

Getting rid of the musician roll off is welcome and I like the +1 for momentum in the combat results. Fewer ranks bonuses should make units look more realistic. I don't like the restrictions on lights turning into skirmish formation. This was an historical tactic with a number of armies, so I don't see the problem. One ferocious charge is right - even if it will weaken my Normans! Shooting at elephants also doesn't seem right to me. Crew protection should be higher if in a howdah and I don't understand the scatter rule from shooting.

In summary more pluses than minuses and no doubt an errata sheet will sort out the errors. It just shouldn't be necessary for a production at this price.

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