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Saturday 19 June 2010


It was Glasgow's annual wargames show, Wappinshaw, today. This is a small show, largely due to the limitations of the venue. Just a few, mostly local traders, although most of Scotland's wargames clubs put a game on.

On the plus side it is fairly central with good transport links and free, albeit limited, parking. It has basic catering facilities and a bar. The downside is a small venue that does not attract  the range of traders you get at the larger shows, or allow for bigger display and participation games. The numbers attending are correspondingly low. Still, I picked up some more Highlanders for my British in Egypt project in the Bring and Buy, so I left happy.

GDWS put on a display game Stramash on the Struma. 28mm WW1 battle in Eastern Greece in WW1 using the Warhammer Great War rules. The Turks occupied a small village with their Bulgarian allies holding the ground to their right. The Entente skirmished with the village but put their main effort against the Bulgarians who were pushed back and then fled. A fun game with a good pacy set of rules.

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  1. Hi Dave,

    Board looks great, lots of figs, good stuff. Couldnt make Wappinshaw as had to be in Largs for a family do. Got the train there and shared it with Glaswegians taking their lager to the coast for the day. Largs+Sun+Drunkenbams=Ready to Kill.
    On the plus side got my Victrix British Arty from Bob at Rubicon Scenics, nice - do you need any British arty for Claymore? If so I will make them up with stovepipes.