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Thursday 16 September 2010

David the Prince

Early thoughts about a new project for next year's shows have focused on something Scottish. A surprising change for a Glasgow wargaming club!

Several members have very fine collections of 28mm Vikings and Normans so my research starts around the 11th and 12th centuries.

When it comes to Scottish history my personal starting point is always Nigel Tranter. I think I have just about every book he wrote. His books may mostly be fiction but they are rooted in his knowledge of Scottish history and they are a great read. I seem to recall a radio interview with him just before he died when he described how he wrote his books when out walking. Don't know how he did that but his walks must have been inspirational.

So my train reading for this week has been his 1980 book David the Prince. The story of King David, the Prince who never expected to be King but succeeded his brother in 1124. Before succeeding, he was an Anglo Norman nobleman in England gaining favour through his brother-in-law, Henry 1 of England. He was the great modernising King and brought a number of his Norman pals to Scotland including the du Brus, later to be better known as Bruce.

Now, what do my army lists say about his army........

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