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Monday 31 December 2012

Russo-Turkish War & Rasputin

Fought a small Russo-Turkish War 1877 skirmish yesterday. Three companies of Turkish Nizam with artillery and cavalry support against a similar Russian and Bulgarian Legion force.

I used Black Powder rules with infantry and cavalry in skirmish formation and it worked very well. I made the Russian and Bulgarians 'stubborn' but classified the Krenk rifle as a carbine to reflect the shorter range. The firefight was pretty inconclusive as both sides had light cover in the extensive woods. The Russians clinched the action with a successful charge on both flanks, but not without several rounds of hand to hand combat.

I got into this period in 28mm 'thanks' to a pal who bought me a few packs (in the tradition of the drug dealer!) of the excellent Outpost Miniatures at Claymore. The stand was behind our display game, so of course I couldn't resist a few more. I have a further pile of metal that needs some brushwork, as that equally evil Jeff at Outpost keeps adding to the range. Even asking me what new figures I would like! I think I foolishly mentioned 1876 Serbs would be useful, stop me please!

And Rasputin you ask? As he was born in 1869 he was barely a child in 1877. Well, we have a new cat and his name is Rasputin, or Razzy for short. He has taken a far too close an interest in wargaming. Wandering over the battlefield he managed to knock over several Turks, so at least he knew which side he was supposed to be on! Earlier in the week he got into the study and on top of my figure collections to tip over a box of, now lance less, German lancers. Where is the super glue.......


  1. Thanks for posting, I am just kicking off a Russo Japanese project for 2013 and was only looking at the Outpost Russians this morning as a filler for some of the other units.

  2. Oh-oh looks like those fiendish Ottomans have deployed their giant sleeping cat again!

    Best wishes, Brian