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Sunday 22 June 2014

Malaya Loose Ends

My loose end painting schedule continues with some Malaya 1942 campaign project items.

First up is three Marmon-Herrington armoured cars in 15mm. The South African constructed Marmon-Herringtons saw extensive combat in North Africa and some 2000 were exported, including to the Dutch East Indies. It had a reputation as a dependable, if somewhat light and under gunned vehicle. British and Commonwealth forces in Malaya had no tanks and relied on a number of armoured cars including the Marmon-Herrington.

This is the QRF model. The casting is a bit rough in places and needed a fair amount of cleaning up. I would recommend making some notches for the wheels before glueing as the whole model rests on them. Overall not a bad model.

Then we have a 2pdr ATG in 28mm to give the British something to hold back the Japanese tanks storming through Malaya. 

This is the Warlord model that I bought before the Perry version came out. The usual absence of instructions is a nuisance, although via the forum there are now several pictures that make the job a lot easier. My main complaint is the absence of location lugs, particularly for the gun shield and the gun barrel. The model was obviously designed by someone who didn't give any thought to putting it together. both parts balance precariously with little support and simply isn't good enough for a wargame model that will inevitably face some rough handling on the tabletop.

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