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Saturday 14 June 2014

More Balkan WW2 loose ends

Better weather means I am more attracted to the golf course than the painting table, but still time to tidy up some loose ends.

First up is the latest offering from Burns Miniatures in their 15mm Greek WW2 range. These are the HMG crews. I did groan when I saw the two part guns, but the lugs fit very well and its worth it for the amazing detail on the gun barrels.

Then some Bolt Action 28mm Italian armour from the Warlord range. An M13/40 tank and the Autoblinda AB41 armoured car. The parts fit together well and the absence of instructions, a Warlord problem, isn't a difficulty with these very nice models. My only complaint, not for the first time, is the lugs for the gun barrels. A tiny wee hole is totally inadequate for holding a gun barrel, even fairly small ones. The obvious solution is to mould the mantlet and barrel together, with a a deep lug to slot it in. 

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