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Saturday 15 July 2017

Fleet Air Arm Museum

A trip down to see my family in Devon was an opportunity to revisit the excellent Fleet Air Museum at Yeovilton.

It has been four years since my last visit. The layout is broadly unchanged, with four halls of aircraft and other exhibits, plus the carrier experience that takes you on deck and around the island of a fleet carrier. However, there were a number of new exhibits that I don't recall from last time.

It's not cheap at £16 for an adult, largely because we inevitably compare this with the largely free national museums. However, for two to three hours entertainment is still good value. I only got an hour or so, in exchange for what is laughingly called 'retail therapy' at the nearby Clarks Village, but still worth while. Highly recommended.

I certainly don't recall this WW1 armoured car before.

The US Corsair in British service

The Skua

Mightily impressive and huge carrier models

Harrier now under Concorde

Overview of the WW1 hall.

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  1. It's a great museum and ideal as a stop off on the way down the A303 to Cornwall.