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Saturday 30 March 2019

Royal Yugoslav Army completed!

Well as far as any project is ever completed! I now have almost 1000 points for Bolt Action and enough for the participation game at Carronade on 11 May.

Below we have three rifle squads with close support from an MMG, medium mortar and a sniper team. A medium field gun, ATG and an R35 light tank provide the heavy stuff.

Here is a close up of the Schnieder 105mm gun. The model comes from Mad Bob Miniatures and the crew are warlord and Tiger Miniatures.

Painting rifle squads were getting a bit tedious but livened up with the odd grizzled officer.

The last stage of painting was the odds and sods, including an MMG and sniper team.

Not forgetting Sir!

I am on a bit of a roll painting wise, with several projects. But I must return to the Italians and finish them off before Carronade.

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  1. What a neat little force..bit different and full of character!