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Thursday 12 September 2019

Cape Town

I am in Cape Town for a work conference and escaped for an hour or two to visit the military history sights.

The Castle of Good Hope was built by the Dutch to protect their colony and base in Cape Town. It would have been nearer the sea in those days. It's a fairly traditional star fort design.

This is a model of the original.

There is a gallery of pictures including paintings of local troops recruited by the Dutch and their wars.

Inside the castle, there is a military history museum. One of the volunteers was a wargamer painting 20mm WW2 figures. Apparently, there is an active wargaming community in the city.

There is always a Highlander! These are the Cape Town Highlanders, in Gordon tartan.

In the square outside the castle, there is a Boer War memorial.

And finally, down at the waterfront, they have been restoring one of the many gun batteries. With a nice museum to explain it all.

Needless to say, I have more pictures. If you have a particular interest in this period let me know.

Next stop, Zulu Wars!

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