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Sunday 17 May 2020

Zooming with Mercians and Vikings

This week's lockdown Zoom game pitched two fearsome women against each other. Largertha and her Viking Warband against Aethelflaed and the Mercians. We decided to use L'Art de la Guerre in the reduced 100 point format. Not only easier to manage over the cameras, but shieldwall battles can be a bit of a dice slog and extra units don't add much.

The Mercians took the initiative and advanced quickly across the table. Or as quickly as heavy spearmen can!

After a bit of skirmishing on the flanks, the shieldwalls clashed.

The Vikings generally got the better of the first round, with their impetuous bonus. The Mercians were looking a bit shaky in the next turn and on the third turn, the Mercian right flank collapsed.

The Mercian Great Fyrd in reserve was moved up to plug the gap. They don't look keen - impetuous v mediocre!

But before they could respond the Mercian left flank collapsed and it was game over. Where is Uhtred when you need him!

 The Vikings celebrated in the traditional manner!

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