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Monday 1 March 2010

Field of Glory - Byzantine

It was Field of Glory competition day at the club on Sunday. I was fielding my Early Byzantine's against a Pontic army.

The Pontic's won the initiative and went for mountain terrain. This resulted in a cluster of steep hills in one corner and they dug in there. My cavalry army couldn't operate in there and there is no way in the rules that cavalry in two ranks can ride up shoot and evade to tease them out. Bit of a weakness in the rules in my opinion. An actual Byzantine army of the period would have done just that. Alternatively the might have galloped up, then shot them up dismounted. However, in the rules you can only dismount at the start.

So a stalemated draw after a few moves. Day not wasted though as we played another game in agricultural terrain. Good balanced game that looked as if it was going against the wily Byzantines, until they recovered to snatch victory. Belisarius triumphs again - although you just know the Emperor Justinian won't thank him!

On the subject of Byzantium I am enjoying a series of podcasts 12 Byzantine Rulers by Lars Brownworth. A really good introduction to the subject.

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