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Sunday 21 January 2018

British Museum

A spare hour when in London this week took me to the British Museum. I haven't been around the upstairs exhibition halls for many a years.

The Anglo Saxon section is very good. I may have alighted on these drinking horns as I was on my way to a few beers with pals!

The very small handle on this sword reminded me of how much bigger we are today. Certainly wouldn't have fitted my hands.

The highlight in this section is the Sutton Hoo treasure and this helmet in particular - just stunning.

I haven't read much about the early Italian peoples, before Rome swept all before it. Here are some interesting helmets.

Further afield we have a collection of Sassanid arms and armour.

You would not want to argue with this Molossian Hound! The breed comes from Epirus.

This is a bronze statue of a warrior on horseback, made in Taranto around 550BC

Something closer to home for me - the Lewis chessmen. I have a replica in my study.

Back downstairs, I never tire of looking at these massive Assyrian statues.

And finally, some of Lord Elgin's loot. Sorry, legitimately acquired under the authorisation of an Ottoman Firman. Pick your side in that debate, but at least we can see them today.

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