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Sunday 21 May 2023

Partisan 2023

I was at Partisan today in Newark, my first time at this popular show. I wasn't initially planning to go, having attended Hammerhead.  However, I was invited to give a couple of book talks in the Oxford area, so this was a good excuse.

Partisan has a reputation as a show with a big focus on games. All the usual traders were there, but games, participation and display were the focus. I had a full day, so I played Cannae using Strength and Honour rules after the initial scout. These are an interesting way of playing big battles using 2mm figures. The game went much like the historical battle, which is always a plus. I was Hannibal, and my two wing generals competently crashed through the Roman flanks while I held on in the centre and even managed a flank attack. 

I ended up buying the rules and a few starter units from Warbases. Unfortunately, I need a microviser to paint 28mm, so I am still determining how I'll manage with 2mm!

Partisan has an author's section, which includes one of my favourite WW2 fiction authors, Andy Johnson. I chatted with him in the afternoon; a very engaging guy, everything I expected. 

There were many excellent games, so here are just some that caught my eye.

The Glasgow Tradeston guys also made the long journey south with their 30 Years War battle.

AWI, if I remember correctly

A lovely town scene for a WW2 game

To the Strongest! The Battle of Ipsus 301BC.

Excellent Raid on Entebbe game.

I have no idea what this is, but it looks good.

The attack on McPherson's Ridge. Gettysburg 1863.

More WW2 in an urban setting

General Lake at war in India.

Another Successors battle - Paraetacene 316BC

A magnificent cityscape.

I did get around the traders and picked up some figures, paints and other bits and bobs that I didn't have time for at Carronade. A long drive back for the Glasgow contingent, while I had a shortish drive down to Oxford for the first of my talks this evening. 


  1. Thanks for the review. I also enjoyed Partizan - even managing to spend less ££ to ensure some left for the local 6mm show that is Joy of Six (early July). I picked up a few books and a few figures - 10mm Spanish Civil War from Pendraken and and assortment of ECW/30YW and Napoleonics figures for various skirmish games.
    I am rather fond of 2mm gaming, mostly as it allows for gaming on a small tabletop battlefield. Sure, I could play 2mm still on a 6ft x 4ft table but I don’t have that big a table nor that many figures.