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Tuesday 26 January 2010

Slingshot - Battle of Pydna

The latest edition of Slingshot, the journal of the Society of Ancients has been my current reading . Rarely a light read, but it does provide a nice balance between scholarly articles on ancient history, practical tips for wargamers and those essential reviews.

Issue 267 has Balkan interest with a detailed article on the Battle of Pydna, fought between  Rome and Macedon in 168BC. The article takes the reader carefully through the sources on each aspect of the battle and follows that with the author's (Richard Taylor) interpretation. Plus a helpful section on wargaming the battle. An excellent read and inspiration to dust down my Macedonian and Republican Roman armies.


  1. Hi Dave, I've come across your blog before, but I hadn't realised you were at GDWS. Thanks for linking in with mine; I'm going to return the courtesy, if you don't mind. Your phalanx looks as though it really means business!


  2. Hi Dave,

    phalanx is amazing!!

    where I can buy those Greek ruins?