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Tuesday 9 July 2013

Second Barons War

My skirmish with all things De Montfort and early medieval period continues with my latest non-fiction reading, 'The Second Barons' War' by John Sadler.

I recall a previous skirmish with this period when Foundry brought out a very nice range of figures. At their current prices I am not likely to return quickly! However, this conflict was headed by the younger Simon De Montfort, son of the De Montfort who I left suppressing the Cathar heresy in our recent display game Muret 1213.

He led the Barons' in a two year civil war against Henry III and his son Edward - beating the king at Lewes in May 1264 and then losing at Evesham in August the following year. De Montfort was killed in the battle and rebels came to terms the following year.

Sadler writes a very readable narrative history of the period. He starts with an introduction to the tactics and weaponry of the period followed by a background to the reign of Henry II and the First Barons' War 1215 -17. The meat of the book is a detailed study of the two battles based on the latest research.

I may have picked up a remaindered copy quite cheaply, if so, it is very good value for good read.

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