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Wednesday 25 December 2013

Type 95 Ha Go tank

Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope you got all the toys you wanted! Given my huge pile of metal I asked for some restraint from Santa, but it just means more book tokens.

In the words of the song I could say, 'all I want for Christmas is a Ha Go tank', but not quite true as I finished painting it yesterday. Now all my Brits need for xmas is a 2pdr anti-tank gun, otherwise they are in serious trouble!

This is the Warlord 28mm model. Very nice with one complaint. Do the people who design these kits every assemble them? If they did they surely would not expect a long piece of metal (gun barrel) to stay in place with a pathetically small lug hole. Barely pin sized on this model. Much swearing and super glue later I got there, but a bit of thought guys ....

Have a good holiday.

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