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Wednesday 22 June 2016

More Villistas

Back from my Balkan travels and it's time to get down to some serious painting. When a show is months away, you think, plenty of time to paint up the armies. But then time moves on and before you know it the lead mountain is as high as ever and Claymore is less than two months away.

So, first off Pancho needs his bodyguard, the Dorados or 'Golden Ones'. He had three squadrons of 100 men each in this unit. Famed for their wild cavalry charges, they had a rifle, two pistols and two horses each. These are from the Outpost Miniatures  range.

Then some more foot figures. These are irregulars attached to Villa's, Division del Norte. They are mostly from the Foundry range. A little early for this conflict, but they look a suitably villainous bunch!


  1. I'm liking those a lot.

    I can't decide between 20mm and 28mm for the Mex Rev...although 15mm would be my ideal option, if there was a range available?!

  2. No 15mm available, although Peter Pig has some figs from their western ranges you could use.
    I ended up buying Old Glory Mex Rev and really extremely pleased with them. They pretty much have everything - including rurales, Pershings troops, machineguns, field guns, soldaderas (armed women).
    I like your bunch too, Dave!

  3. Old Glory is the most comprehensive range just basing some foot figures. The sculpting on Outpost is a bit better though.
    That said, the beauty of this period is simple uniforms with not a lot of detail. Very welcome after the recent Napoleonic foray!