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Saturday 6 August 2016

Claymore 2016

It was the Claymore show in Edinburgh today. A good collection of traders and a balance between display and participation games.

We did a participation game, a lot more effort than our more usual display format, but worth it. We had a steady flow of gamers for our 28mm game, Pancho Villa and the Gold Train. The outcome was two all, so the scenario was at least balanced. Very pleased to be in the Gym Hall as the Atrium can get very hot.

I only had time for one tour around the other games and traders, but these are the games that caught my eye.

Another nice Bolt Action game with good scenery.

The buildings in this game, Littleness Designs I think, were very nice.

The Falkirk club's massive Boxer Rebellion game.

ECW battle of York in 1644.

First time I have seen Cannae done in a way that shows off Hannibal's double envelopment so well.

This sc-fi game wins the prize for busiest table!

Custer's last stand always makes a good participation game

SAGA showing off their forthcoming battle rules, Swordpoint.

The Lardies on a similar mission with Sharp Practice

Kirriemuir with another big ancients game, Gaugamela.

Arnhem from the Aberdeen folks.

Spearhead Tobruk from Glasgow Tradeston.

And finally, League of Augsburg.

Numbers seemed pretty good and thanks to the South East Scotland club for putting the show on.

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  1. Thanks for the show report. I liked the photos...thanks for sharing!