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Saturday 13 August 2016

Sharp Practice 2 - Peninsular War

My second game of Sharp Practice 2 was in traditional Sharp territory - the Peninsular War.

Two 70 point armies. The 'French' were actually mostly Polish, Italian and Irish troops against a British force. Both sides had three leaders.

This is the tabletop after the deployment moves, British on the right.

The first clash was a cavalry battle between Polish Lancers and British Light Dragoons. The Brits won, but next move got canistered by the Polish artillery and fled.

The main Polish advance is met by skirmishing rifles and controlled volleys from the British line with artillery support. They didn't get very far.

On the left flank the Italians advanced through a wood and gave the Rifles and Highlanders a hard time. Score draw this one by the time the French morale had collapsed.

Good game, but now I am beginning to get a grasp of the rules, I need a better QRF. Too much flicking through pages.