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Sunday 21 May 2017

Bolt Action - Campaign Sea Lion

Operation Seelowe is one of my favourite WW2 campaigns, so purchasing the new Bolt Action supplement was a no brainer.

And very good it is too. It starts and finishes with an explanation of the German plans and how it might have turned out. There is much of the 'What if' in this supplement, which won't please the purists, but the rest of us will love it.

There are lots of new British units, including the Royal Navy, Local Defence Volunteers and of course Captain Mainwaring and the Home Guard.  Longbow armed rural patrols, may be stretching it a little, but apparently they did exist. There are lots of auxiliary units, strange artillery and armoured vehicles. Not forgetting an armoured train, minefields and an array of fortifications.

For the Germans we have Brandenburger units, Abwehr agents and the British Union of Fascists. Their new equipment includes various invasion barges, amphibious tanks and gliders. Finally there are ten scenarios and a campaign.

Fans of the Very British Civil War genre will find lots to like in this supplement and many of the figures will come in useful. I would also recommend Andy Johnson's book, Seelowe Nord, which is a fictional account of landings in Yorkshire.

I haven't played much Bolt Action recently, but this supplement will certainly get me back into the fold.

One of my Seelowe Nord games in 15mm

Vickers light tank in 28mm

The Duchess's Hussars - why not!

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