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Monday 10 September 2018

Pinkie Cleugh 1547

Today is the 471st anniversary of the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh. It was fought on 10 September 1547 between the Scots and the English, as part of a conflict known as the 'Rough Wooing'. So called because Henry VIII tried to secure an alliance with Scotland by the marriage of the infant Mary, Queen of Scots, to his young son, the future Edward VI.

The Esk River at Musselburgh was a good place to halt an English advance up the coast. However, the English fleet was able to bombard the position and so the Scottish commander, The Earl of Arran, decided to close with the main English army by crossing the river at the Roman Bridge.

This is the bridge today, the start of a battlefield trail that includes four information boards, ending at the battlefield monument.

Next stop is St Michael's Kirk where the English built an artillery mound that they intended to use to bombard the Scottish camp.

This the view of the battlefield up to Pinkie Cleugh that the Scots army would have had as they advanced.

And finally the battlefield from the English position and the monument today.

With the few Scots archers dispersed by cannon fire from the ships, the main body was unable to respond to the English longbow, cannon and mercenary arquebusiers. They fled before coming into contact with the English foot. Some 10,000 Scots were killed, mostly by the English and mercenary cavalry during the rout.

Each year a memorial service is held. This was today's event.


English 15mm Demi-Lancers and Border Horse of the period from my collection.

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