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Sunday 2 September 2018

Scottish International Air Show

This weekend was the Scottish International Air Show, held in the skies above Ayr, with most aircraft based at nearby Prestwick Airport. The weather wasn't the best this weekend for an air show, with some cancellations.

The weather didn't stop the stars of the show, The Red Arrows, always worth making the effort to see, even if limited to their low level programme. I was particularly chuffed that the BBC used my photo of the event. My recent photography lessons were not wasted!

And a few more.

The Swiss Air Force F18 Hornet was the other highlight for me. The noise was pretty impressive.

The splash landing and take off from the Cessna 172 sea plane was impressive

The Chipmunk trainer is not that great visually, but nostalgic for me, as it's the only time I have had the controls of an aircraft. Very briefly as an air cadet, many moons ago!

Apparently these venerable aircraft used by the display team are still the best for the job.

Finally, this 1930s executive aviation combination The Dragon Fly flies with the Spartan.

There were also several ground based exhibits of interest.


  1. Great photos. I too remember the fun of ATC air experience flights in Chipmunks.



  2. Some more pics