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Saturday 11 April 2020

Fortress Budapest on the table

Having painted all the exotic Soviet units for Fortress Budapest it was time to buckle down and do the standard ones.

First off a rifle squad. These are from the North Star range with plenty of character - they even give you names for each figure.

Then some support units - MMG and medium mortar from Warlord.

The HQ units including the feared Commissar. Did they really wear medals on the battlefield?

And finally a scout squad. Warlord again and very nice figures they are.

This gives me nearly 1300 points for a Bolt Action game. Time to take on the Hungarians.

I set up the table longways and a pal deployed the Hungarians via Zoom. In the first move, the Soviets made good progress on the right flank, capturing the wood after a close assault with a Hungarian rifle squad. The Hungarians responded by advancing the Turan II over the bridge and bringing the German reinforcements up in their carrier.

The second move was a bit of a disaster for the Soviets. The SU100 shot at the Csaba armoured car and missed. The Turan II got a lucky hit and knocked out the SU100 - that's 300pts down the can.

Both sides came grinding to a halt in the next move when the FOO's brought some devastating off-table artillery fire down on the far too bunched units. For example, a roadblock on the bridge forced the Germans to de-bus.

The Russians did work their way around the right flank but were too weak to cope with the counter-attack.

The left flank attack was shot up, so game over. Budapest is safe for another day!

Zoom works very well for a 28mm game. The figures are big enough to see, even from a helicopter view.

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