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Friday 17 April 2020

Zooming with Game of Thrones

I needed a break from WW2 lockdown painting. Looking at the lead/plastic mountain I had a unit of Lannister crossbowmen, which I had bought to give my Lannister army some much-needed firepower.

The figures are from the CMON range for their Song of Ice & Fire game. They come ready assembled and based, although the detailing is fairly basic. A bit of block painting and a wash gives a decent unit.

While I like the figures, I am not a big fan of the rules. I prefer to use Lion Rampant, although any medieval set would do. As long as you ignore the dragons! Lion Rampant is also ideal for playing over Zoom in the current lockdown.

So, onto the tabletop. Slightly larger armies than the usual 24pts, now that I have a proper table again. Lannisters on the right, Stark and some Bolton allies on the left.

The fierce Umbar foot charge across the table and rout the Lannister swordsmen.

The Lannisters are not keen to move off the baseline and on the left get shot up by Stark bowmen. One really bad courage test and they are off.

The men at arms are difficult to move in Lion Rampant until they get within wild charge range. Eventually, the Starks got a move and the Mountain led the Lannister knights forward. Neither side coming out on top.

Finally, the Stark left knocked over the Halberdiers and swept around the right flank of the Lannister line. Although the Boltons, treacherous as usual, failed three wild charge tests!

The last stand by Tyrion with my newly painted crossbowmen was futile. The North triumphs! 


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