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Saturday 6 August 2022

Claymore 2022

I was off to Edinburgh today for the Claymore show, the only Scottish wargame show that has survived this year. As always, well organised by the South East Scotland Wargames Club. There appeared to be a good attendance with a good range of traders and games. The GDWS Battlegroup members volunteered for our game, which gave me a lot more time to see the games, chat with old friends and generally enjoy the show. My purchases were surprisingly few. Some 28mm late Austrians for my Adriatic project along with some British sailors, a ships boat and a few personality figures. Plus bases and paint. Not one book caught my eye!

The GDWS game was 'Holding Carentan'. A 15mm WW2 game using the Battlegroup rules, with its growing pile of scenario booklets.

I have bought into the Border reivers Kickstarter, so it was good to see Iain running a participation game.

I was very impressed with the terrain for the Injim River, a Korean war battle.

I'm not sure about the use of maps as terrain. I just can't visualise the terrain. However, this Bautzen game was certainly a spectacle.

At 28mm, more suitable for my eyesight, this Samurai naval warfare game had some excellent ships.

Also, at sensible scales. The Indian Mutiny.

And Bhagdad on the Rio Grande using Sharp Practice from the Falkirk club.

A naval game close to my current interests was Lemnos with Ottomans and Russians.

The Prestwick club had a popular Dragon Rampant game.

Strength and Honour, Mons Graupius in 2mm.

Bolt Action.

A nice 28mm ACW cavalry battle.

And finally, a superb big scale Battle of Pydna in 28mm.

A good day out and many thanks to SESWC for organising it.


  1. Some great looking games - it must have been a excellent day out!

  2. Claymore always look like a great show although I think I've only ever been at it once (many, many years ago with a demo game). Some great looking games... what we're the Border Reivers rules as I'm sure I have some figures for this buried in the loft somewhere

    1. It's a new set that comes with the Kickstarter in October. Skirmish set with characteristics for each figure. I haven't played it yet.

  3. There are some lovely games there. Well done everybody involved.
    I’m always disappointed if I can’t find at least one book to tempt me…

  4. Some super games there...bit too far for me to travel but I suspect it would be worth it

  5. Delighted to see my wife's Indian Mutiny collection featured - she'll we well-chuffed when I show her this.