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Saturday 24 June 2017

Lakeland war games show

A combination of the Lake District and wargames is pretty irresistible to me, so I have added the Lakelands Wargame Show at the Reghed Centre to my schedule.

The venue is built into the side of a hill, not great for mobile phone reception or credit card machines, but otherwise it has everything you need. A couple of small exhibition halls with at least a few shops and cafes to keep one's significant other occupied for an hour or two.

For a small show the organisers attracted a significant number of traders - nationals like Warlord and an array of local suppliers. I picked up some BEF reinforcements for Operation Sealion from Warlord and a few other bits and pieces. My bring and buy purchases included some very nicely painted Rohan foot and medieval pikemen.

Here are a few of the games that caught my eye. Starting with my favourite, a 1940's airfield for Operation Sealion.

A big Black Powder 18th century game

I know nothing about Gates of Antares, but this looks good

Some interesting terrain pieces in this Western Desert game.

Another big battle, using Hail Caesar this time.

I rarely need an excuse for a long weekend in the Lake District, so I will be back. Thanks to the West Coast Gamers group for organising this event.

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