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Monday 26 June 2017

Fantasy bits and pieces

Back to my pile of lead/plastic to make some room for my next project, which will be 'Operation Sealion' in 28mm this time.

First up the Rohan foot I picked up at the Lakeland show. These are very nicely painted, to a standard way above anything I could achieve. They will primarily be a mercenary unit for my Game of Thrones armies, but have other uses as well.

Then some mercenary pikemen that will also do for Game of Thrones and medieval battles. These are the Perry plastics.

I picked up these giant rats as an impulse buy somewhere. I am sure they will come in useful, the perennial wargamers chant. So a quick paint job gets them moving. Our cat had a quick sniff, but wasn't impressed!

And finally, some wolves. No idea why, too small for Direwolves, but I think these are from Warbases.

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