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Wednesday 18 March 2020


The COVID-19 crisis should have one silver lining - the reduction in lead piles. One of my larger ones is bags of 10mm Zulus inspired by my visit to the battlefields last September. I came across 'Zulu Dawn' on Netflix or Prime last week as a final inspiration.

I am one of those wargame painters who avoids the standard units in favour of painting the unusual ones. Sadly, few options for this with the Zulus. In fairness, painting 10mm Zulus is not a complex or time-consuming job. I was tempted to just prime them black, but settled for Dan Mersey's advice and went for a dark brown undercoat followed by a black wash.

These are three married units with mainly white shields and head rings.

Then three unmarried units with mainly black shields.

I have now painted six units and a command stand. Enough for a game of The Men Who Would be Kings. However, I will need at least this amount again for Black Powder and a match with the numbers of British troops already battle-ready.

The lead pile still looms large!

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