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Sunday 17 April 2022

Hisart and Rahmi Koc Museums

 The last of my Istanbul museum blogs - I promise! These are two private museums that you won't find in the main guidebooks, but they are very much worth a visit.

The first is the Hisart Museum, north of Taksim Square and the Military Museum, near the University. It has an extraordinary collection of uniforms, dioramas, paintings and models covering Turkish history throughout the ages. Five floors look like this, and this is only half a floor.

There are lifesize dioramas like these.

Large scale dioramas like these:

And all sort of militaria.

The other private museum is the Rahmi Koc Museum, out along the Golden Horn. It can best be described as a technical museum focusing on transport.



And automobiles.

Not forgetting ships, including a Tench Class fleet submarine.


  1. Some beautiful weapons at the Hisart Museum, albeit a few of them look rather weird/wacky. Still good stuff though.

    1. The multi-barrelled flintlock musket is particularly bizarre. I can't image it would be much use except at very short range.

  2. THey look great. Often the museums off the beaten track have some of the most interesting bits in them.