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Saturday 18 August 2018

Modern British in 20mm

On a bit of a roll with the brush this week, on my modern project in 20mm. 

I have finished the first part of my British battlegroup for Bolt Action, ready to take part in interventions in Europe. There is a Challenger supported by two Warriors. These are diecast/plastic models, and very good they are too. Sadly, no shortcuts for the infantry. Each Warrior has two fire teams totalling eight men each. The figures are from the Liberation Miniatures range again.

My trusty 'The Modern British Army' is a bit out of date, so some new reference books were needed.

Osprey Elite 202 'The British Army Since 2000' provides a good starting point. Anything illustrated by Peter Dennis is always worth buying. The latest edition of 'The British Army Guide' is packed full of detail.

Osprey also have another book in the same series that looks at the British army in Afghanistan between 2006-14. Again illustrated by Peter Dennis. While I am not planning to do this campaign, it does give a good description of tactics and deployment.

Next up some Russians.


  1. Nice. I like your camo pattern effect on the figures.

  2. Thanks. Very time consuming and fiddly. WW2 seems so much simpler!